School camps

A lot of different groups of people spend their holiday at Krywilygård. It is all from school camps, school classes, SFO’s, kindergartens, big families, family parties, fishing groups etc.
School camps enjoy spending time here due to our great facilities, and the fact that you easily can visit other attractions in the area.
When you stay at our farm, it is up to you whether you want to camp in tents, scout huts, apartments or a combination of the mentioned opportunities.

Do we have a place where you can make different activities?
Of course we have a big hall, where you can throw a party/play games/have fun, called Valhalla. Here you can eat your dinner, you will find a kitchen, a big TV, stereo, table tennis, table football, bob, and lots of different games.


Which outside activities do you have?

We have lots of different activities you can have fun with during your school camp stay: mini football field, volleyball, petanque, crocket, Viking game, round ball, long ball, a big sandbox, swings, climbing wall, a boat in our KrywilyLake, fishing, barbeque, several wood fireplaces, and what else you can imagine. At the farm you will of course find different pets such as hens, goats, and the girl’s favorite ponies and horses. If you are interested in visiting the big milk farm with more than 250 cows or a pig farm, it can be arranged. Remember that in west Jutland we have so many different activities, if you are curious to hear more about it, feel free to contact us.

At your farm holiday, you will experience lots of nature and fields, where you and your family can do all imaginary events. The most important is, that you feel that it is an unforgettable farm holiday.

So, feel free to come and join our farm and spend your school camp farm holiday at ‘Krywilygården’.

The price: as such is the minimum price 1500 kr. pr. stay. 50 kr. pr. sleepover plus utilities.