Lake fishing

Krywilygård has its own 2000m2 lake, called Krywisø, and the catching rate is quite high. Especially junior will be happy to fish here – and he may even catch his first fish, as many others already have done.

– When you book a “Party & Family Weekend” free fishing is included.


River fishing

We have the permission to fish at the Hover River, where our guests can fish freely. The river is filled up with trout, grayling and goat.
At Von River we have a boat parked, which you are welcome to use for a nice sailing trip down the river. You can lease an outboard motor by us.
And then there is Skjern River, which is North’s biggest location for fishing salmons. Not to forget Big River, and all kind of different rivers placed nearby Krywilygård.


Sea fishing

Your farm holiday is close to Jutland’s west coast, which means that there are many fishing places along the coast: Thyborøn, Thorsmine, Høfderne and Hvide Sande. In Hvide Sande you can attend the herring festival in the spring. Another fishing opportunity, you can find on the open sea. You can go on a boat-fishing trip, where you will be able to catch fish from some extremely good fishing areas. So fill up your fishing basket and enjoy your fresh fish.
PS. Have you ever tasted melt fish? No? It tastes heavenly, you need to try it :)


Put & Take

We have many Put & Take lakes in the area. So many, that it is difficult to remember all the places. Still, the most popular is “Oxriver” (4 km away), which is absolutely worth a visit.
Often German and Dutch Put & Take specialists visit us at the farm (lots of champions, one of them is a world champion). They are willing to show you some tricks, so you will be able to catch lots of fish – LOOOTS OF FISH. These champions easily fill up a freezer in a day. Feel free to call us for information about when they will be here, so you can go fishing with them. Get ready to be surprised by the extraordinary equipment they use.

You can follow them here:

It will make us happy to help you become a better fisherman.


The sailing trip

It happens that Keld (Hanne’s son) will give you a sailing trip on the fjord, as long as you pay a little for gas etc.


Our special offer:

The West Coast, Denmark’s best fishing area

Holiday Apartment 45m2 350 DKR. 5 days = 1750 DKR. Sunday to Friday

Speciel 5 day offers (2 people )

-45% – Free firewood – fishing in “Hover creeks” – free boat in “Von creeks” (+ outboard 300 DKR pr. day) +el.

(Your price 962,50 DKr. = €131)

We have big freeze and cooling capacity