Valhalla is the celebration hall of the Gods. The hall is built in the year of 2000, and it is a place where Gods, people and jos can spend a great weekend, party, or excursion for cousins, large families, companies etc.

Valhalla is 240 m2, where 20, 30, 40, 50, even 75 people can fit, and even be pretty comfortable while attending an event. The hall has been used for lots of different events, such as baptize, confirmation, Christmas parties, birthdays, weddings, and so many different gatherings. Even a big Danish children’s TV-show spend a week recording on the farm.

In Valhalla the Vikings were making cheers for Frej, Njord and Odin, at the heathen drinking party. As today’s Danes celebrate Christmas, they often refer to it as a Christian tradition, where lots of excuses about overeating are allowed. But the truth is, that Christmas and the feeding frenzy originate from the Viking’s heathen midwinter party.



In Valhalla you will find a big TV, stereo, different games and two big coolers for mead, which you are welcome to bring. There is a freezer, toilet, and a room where you can arrange food for parties, a bar, and a lounge. Cooking can be done in the kitchen where we have a big oven, two dishwashers, fridge, and a fast coffee machine. All the tables in Valhalla are round and the size of 180 cm. with space for 12 people pr. table. You can rent table covers and cushions for the chairs.