Our five horses/ponies are the girl’s favorite, while boys love fishing in our KrywilyLake. The horses are of the race Fjordhorse, 3 vallakker: Tole, Thor and Odin. You can also meet the grandma Freja who is 26 years old, and the gipsy horse Mulle, who is a mix of Fjordhest and an Irish Cup. The horses and ponies walk outside freely all year around, and they are very friendly.


Horse riding during your stay:

When you choose a farm holiday at Krywilygården, you are allowed to ride the horses on a specific time during the day. You can freely go horse riding when you are here for a week holiday, when you have a family weekend, or arrange a party at the farm.

When you arrive, we show you around and tell you all the necessary information about the different horses, their equipment, and where you can ride in the beautiful nature of west Jutland – we have of course created a riding road around the farm and the beautiful forest. We do not educate in horse riding. If you are a good rider, you may even get the permission to go for a horse ride outside the farm. In some cases, you may be allowed to ride all the way to Ringkøbing fjord.


Rental for a shorter period:

If you feel like just going for a ride, without being on farm holiday here, you can rent a horse for 250 kr. the first hour. Every following hour you pay 150 kr. pr. hour. As we do not offer any education in horse riding, please let us know in advance, in case you want some help with the horses.