The farm


– Was rebuilt in 1927 after a total burn down. It was placed 25m north of the original position. We assume that the farm must have been placed on a very moist place where the 200m2 lake “Kryw-in-lake” was dug in 2000.

I, Per Amby, bought the farm in 1976 from the former owner Clement Enevoldsen, who was born at Krywilygård. Clement Enevoldsen ran the farm how it is done the traditional way with chickens, pigs, cows, horses, and what else belonged on a real farm in the old days. During the 60’s, Clement and his family of 8 built a chicken farm in corporation with the Vagn twins Hans and Grete.

(Vagn, who is the same age as I, attended Ringkøbing School the same time as I did, therefore, I knew about the farms existence before purchasing it).

The name “Krywilygård” came to discussion after my wife Hanne Amby moved to the farm in 1987. Hanne visited Clement, in order to find out whether the farm had a name. He was able to inform her, that the farm arose from “Heebro Farm”, and that the original name is “Little Heebro”. He additional added that his father always called the farm “Krywilygård”, due to the fact that it was a nice place to spend time.

– a place where one can crawl away from the daily rush. This name was chosen, and was put up by Hanne in 1990.


The chicken house

In 1976 I started to clean up the farm and was done with the renovations of the main building throughout the coming years. During the crisis in 1981 (kartoffelkuren), a big apartment (Red) of 100 m2 was built on the 1st floor. The apartment was rented out as permanent residential. In 1986 I built another apartment (Yellow) of 45 m2, also placed on the 1st floor, where I moved in. Meanwhile, the whole ground floor was also leased to others.

During fall and winter in 1992, it was not possible to lease the “Red” apartment for permanent residential. Therefore, we chose to try to lease the “Red” apartment as a holiday flat. This resulted in a huge success, and from here things started moving fast.

In 1994 we built additional three apartments. Two of them, ”Green” and “Blue”, are placed in the old chicken house, and all three are the size of 45 m2.

– I knew a painter, who was kind enough to give me leftovers of paint. The “Rainbow” is called according to the paint leftovers used in the apartment.

In 1995 we planted a lot trees, both as forest and for shelter against the wind. Today the trees create the beautiful surroundings of nature on “Kry-i-ly-gård” together with the “Krywi’lake”. This is the place where you can get away from everyday stress and busyness.



One day, 4 people arrived to our farm; they needed a place to live. Unfortunately, everything was full booked at that moment. Luckily, one of them saw our old caravan, “Can we rent it?”. Shortly after this, we bought 2 new caravans, which also are for rent at the farm.

In 2000 we built a big hall, which up till today has been used for great parties and as a gaming- and playroom. “Valhalla” has a kitchen, bathroom, and a bunch of great things needed for a great family weekend.

In 2004 the two cabins “Rosa” and “Viol” were put up with help from guests. They are placed in “Valhalla”, precisely where the caravans usually were placed.

Now we have reached the year of 2016, where we are considering to pass on our lifework, this great farm. In no way are we in a rush to pass it on, but if the right offer comes, who knows what could happen 🙂


Best regards,
Hanne & Per