About us

Per Amby

I am born in 1950 in Esbjerg and moved to Nykøbing Mors early in my childhood. In 1958 I moved to Ringkøbing, finished school at 16, and took an education as a machine operator at Tim Machine factory. Short after I went far away from home with Mærsk Line. In 1974 I bought a house in Ringkøbing, and at this time I started my first of 13 years as a fisherman in Hvide Sande.

In 1978 my daughter Malene was born. Today, she lives in Frederiksberg and works as chief consultant within working conditions. Four years later my middle son, Mikkel, was born. He lives in Ringkøbing, and has his own company stage3.dk. Gorgeous Amalie and Mikkel gave me my first grandchild in 2015 – a great little guy named Storm.

In 1986 my youngest child Anders was born. Today, he lives in Ringkøbing with his lovely girlfriend Malene, who also has her own company and webshop Qualitec.dk, where Anders sells his products.

In 1986 I switched profession from fishing to the enemy “fishing control”.

In 1987 I met Hanne on the pedestrian street in Fredericia. Hanne quickly made me fall in love with her; she quit her job at Fredericia Brewery and moved to Krywilygården in 1988. The 23rd of December 1989 Hanne said yes to me, and I got the love of my life. I am happy she did, she is simply the best.

In the end of 1987 I started as a sluice guard in Thorsminde, and in 1989 I became an entrepreneur as service guy. In 1994 I worked for Red Cross at the asylum center in Lunde. This was the same year as Hanne and I began our journey as Farm Holiday hosts. In 1996 I started at Vestas as a crane man, and a year later we became foster parents to two amazing boys from Bosnia, Almin and Adis. We were their foster parents until 2012, and today Adis still comes to Krywilygården as our son.

Hanne Amby

Hanne (born as Christensen) is my wife, and she is born in Fredericia in 1949. She went to the Treldevejen School until 1964, where she started working at a butcher. Her first child of three, Keld, was born in 1966. He has been bidden by some crazy water drop and lives today on a ship with his girlfriend Rebecca. The ship is placed in Ringkøbing Harbor.

In 1974 Hanne worked at a fish exporter in Frederecia and this same year her second child arrived, her daughter Jeanne. Jeanne has given Hanne two grandchildren, Kristian and Søren, in 2002 and 2004. Jeanne and the grandchildren live in Mejrup-Hindkær near Holstebro with our great son in law little Peter. Hanne’s third and the youngest child Henrik was born in 1977. In 2007, he and his lowly wife Funda got a baby girl Lara-Su. Today, they live in Mahlow, Berlin.